Lisa Cupid for Cobb County Commissioner

Photo: Atlanta Journal- Constitution

Case Study: Lisa Cupid



                                                           Get Political Newcomer Lisa Cupid Elected As Cobb County Commissioner                                                                  against 4-Term Incumbent Woody Thompson.



                                                           In a bid to become only the second African American to sit on Cobb County’s                                                            Board since its incorporation in December 1832, Lisa Cupid, a political                                                                        newcomer with no prior elected or campaign experience challenged 4-Term                                                              Incumbent Woody Thompson.


                                                          Faced against an Incumbent with the capacity to be well funded and also a                                                               crowded ballot with a total of 6 candidates, the challenges for a new                                                                           candidate with minimum name recognition in a historically low voter turnout                                                           were enormous.



Opposition Research highlighted data that the Incumbent had previously been a Republican candidate before political demographic shifts in the district. In a Democratic strong district, Cupid had a real opportunity to overcome this better-known and better-financed candidate by positioning herself as a real Democrat and a commitment to be both visible and active in the development of the district. 


Polling and voter contact modules showed that residents saw the incumbent as inactive and loathed the unequal developments in the rest of county while seeing none in Southwest Cobb. 


The campaign message of “A Partner for Cobb” was born.  After developing a 

campaign message, Cupid was the only candidate who had a targeted

campaign based on turnout and voters with a history of participating in primaries.


The campaign utilized the candidate appeal with a microscopic targeted canvass

sandwiched with robust volunteer call program, paid calls, and targeted

direct mail and literature drops.




Cupid won the Democratic Primary resoundingly which lead to a runoff election

with Thompson. Cupid earned 40% (10,670 votes) to Thompson’s 27% (4,053 votes)

in the primary. In another astonishing performance Cupid dismantled Thompson

by winning 75.6 percent in the runoff for the Cobb District 4 commission post.



Since no Republican qualified for the November election, Cupid took office in January 2013 for a four-year term. 

Photo: Cobb County Democratic Women

Photo Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Photo Credit: Cobb County Democratic Women