Online Training 


The following online trainning course are provided by Democracy for America (DFA).  DFA was founded on the idea that the grassroots are the key to the Democratic Party’s success.


For too long party leaders were beholden only to moneyed interests and high-powered consultants. The closer the Democratic Party aligned itself with Washington insiders, the further rank and file Democrats wandered from the polls on Election Day.


Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign re-energized the grassroots by tapping into the progressive values that they cared about: strong communities, security at home and abroad, and liberty for all people to live the way they chose. Democracy for America was founded by Gov. Dean and built by those energized activists to help reform the Democratic Party from the ground up

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How to Ask For Money

Participants will walk through principles for making a strong ask, how to train your candidate to make strong asks and what to do after the ask.

Targeting Donors

We will cover building your donor list, tools and systems for donor research and how to determine ask amounts.

Core Finance Tactics 

There are three core tactics used for fundraising. This session goes through preparation, keeping the candidate on the phone, creating call sheets, setting goals, logistics, recruitment, execution and follow up.