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From creating your mail strategy to setting targets  and managing production, we do it all. We make sure your message gets into the right hands at the right time.


 Campaigns still need direct mail to win. It’s the only way to connect with all of your targeted voters at one time. For most campaigns, mail is the most efficient way to communicate with your audience.


Our Firm uses traditional offset and digital printing techniques to produce quality mail that grabs attention. Forget targeting by precinct – we can target your mail to individual households.


We manage the nitty-gritty details with writers, designers, printers, mail houses and the postal service so you can spend your time talking to voters.





Our approach is honed by years of managing successful campaigns across industry sectors and by engaging diverse demographic and cultural audiences—in communities across the country. We work with clients to assess their strategic goals and consider all of the ingredients necessary for a winning campaign. Then, we apply our experience in strategic planning, efficient budgeting and spending, targeting, message development and influencer engagement to guide you to a positive result.



Digital Marketing & Online Advertising

We provide our clients with timely, strategic, insightful counsel that is specific to their unique challenges.  Our team has highly relevant and recent experience engaging in – and winning – legislative, regulatory, and political battles. 


Whether it’s assessing and tracking the real story behind an issue, mapping an engagement strategy that hits the right decision-makers, or preparing organizational leaders and other citizens for engagement with government officials, we put our clients in a position to shape the outcome.         

We believe that you need a comprehensive strategy informed by online behaviors – what people are saying and doing, and where on the web it is happening. By conducting a complete assessment of your digital footprint, GSG’s analysts will not just show you how and where people are talking about it, but why it matters and how you should respond.


Our approach to online ads starts by looking at the feelings,behaviors, and actions you want to promote. We can guide you through the world of list-targeting, paid social, PPC, CPA, CPM, site-specific, and native, and create the plan that really serves your advertising goals.

Massive Canvassing Management

Demonstrating the will of the community is pivotal for a project’s success.  We pound the pavement and put our grassroots organizing expertise to work. We identify key message points for targets and use effective methods of direct on-the-ground outreach to secure visible community support for our clients.


Building positive relationships with influencers and decision makers is vital to the success of any project, particularly those playing out in specific communities or geographies. We work with you to identify, track and guide outreach to these critical targets by honing in on key message points and strategies of engagement


Amplifying your power by partnering with like-minded organizations and stakeholders is an important strategy for achieving desired results.  We help identify and recruit strong partners, and then manage relationships and assignments from start to finish, guiding our clients toward success.