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Campaign Message Development

By utilizing diverse mediums—from online advocacy to media relations to direct organizing–we provide you with tactics and materials that convey your message to your target audience, in the most effective way.


Our range of services includes designing and placing online and print advertising, direct mail, social media management and content production for every element of your campaign.  We also manage the grassroots efforts needed to show pivotal community support through petition drives, door-to-door canvassing, phone calls, events and in-person meetings.  

Media Relations & Management

Our approach is honed by years of managing successful campaigns across industry sectors and by engaging diverse demographic and cultural audiences—in communities across the country. We work with clients to assess their strategic goals and consider all of the ingredients necessary for a winning campaign. Then, we apply our experience in strategic planning, efficient budgeting and spending, targeting, message development and influencer engagement to guide you to a positive result.



Crisis Communications and Management 

“Traditional” media organizations continue to wield tremendous influence over public opinion, policy, and the reputations of organizations and individuals, despite the advent of social media. For precisely this reason, positive press coverage remains an important goal for virtually every one of our clients.


Our team has a keen understanding of the way the media thinks and works. We know what’s newsworthy, and what it takes to generate headlines. And we enjoy strong relationships with hundreds of reporters, editors, producers and bookers at media outlets across the U.S and around the world. Whether your goal is to make front page news or keep your name out of the papers, our media relations experts can help.  

Crisis, opportunity, and regular organizational planning are all moments that call for thorough analysis, productive discussion, and shrewd decision-making.  We have deep experience helping corporate and government leaders reach strategic conclusions through a cogent and coherent process.


We partner with our clients to assess potential threats and ensure they’re ready to respond to a crisis before the bad news breaks. But when a crisis does occur, our team of seasoned experts is available around the clock to provide the support and counsel your organization needs.

Digital Communications

The way people consume media has changed and our options for communicating have never been greater. At LTJ, we believe a good communications strategy starts with examining your audience, understanding what moves them, and seeing where they are — online and off.


Our goal is to integrate ‘digital’ into every step of your audience engagement. Whether you are pushing a policy with digital advocacy, growing your reputation through digital advertising, or responding to a crisis with digital messaging, our approach is consistent: we will help you reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.