Our Capabilities
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Politics is our premier area of expertise and at the heart of everything we provide for every client.  We understand the most important and life affecting choices depend on slim margins of error.  That reality combined with our record of success and victories distinguishes our firm.


Our strategists have shaped candidates and campaign messages—from county commissioners and members of the state legislatures to Fortune 500 Corporations to national political campaign committees and nonprofit organizations.


It's this Simple.  If you listen to us, then you win. 





With relentless media in a 24-hour news cycle, our clients must always be prepared to manage their brands and reputations around the clock. While effective communications can significantly improve market value or public opinion, lack of planning can prove calamitous.


At LTJ, we firmly believe that a successful communications strategy encompasses every aspect of an organization’s work. Whether it’s creating executive prominence, executing structural transformation, or developing relationships with the media for that matter.


Our communication strategies are relentless in the pursuit of simple smart ideas that resonate.





At LTJ, we investigate public and hard to find information to help our clients recognize their liabilities and those of their opponents in Corporate America, the Boardroom, or on Wall Street. Frequently, it is just as imperative to research yourself as well as your competitors which never allows our clients' weakness to be exploited by challenges from abroad.


We don’t just collect data for scrutiny but rather to influence perceptions that mentally stimulate voters, reporters, consumers, pundits, and venture capitalists.  Competitive intelligence is more than new information, but more so the astute business and political decisions-making tools.


We define ourselves by the quality of our analysis and its applicability towards measurable success.





Our primary objective is to maximize your resources and fundraising potential. We recognize that every campaign is unique so we customize our approach to help you achieve your financial goals.


Using technology, our finance strategists work hands-on with our clients to design and execute aggressive finance plans. We will identify your network through intensive research and analysis. We manage the development and growth of your network through a variety of small and large scale events, planning, call time management, and online with new ideas and a new approach.


We understand fundraising is a time-consuming and intimidating, but essential element of a successful, well-funded, political campaign. LTJ has the experience and motivation to lead your finance operation from concept to implementation.





The ambition. Your reputation. An approach. And  foresight.

Those qualities together are the brand and an anthology of features that generate expressive responses that motivate individuals to support a cause, movement. or organization over another.                                                                                        


LTJ concentrates on inventing original brands for candidates and organizations. We also invigorate existing brands to maintain corporate relevance or maintain incumbency. Every branding strategy is unique because every client’s brand is unique.


We develop keen talking points, imaginative digital platforms, brand mantras, stomp speeches, as well as taglines, logos, and style guides.


We provide whatever our clients need to achieve that desired “share of mind”. We make it happen.


Our advertising and marketing have never been “traditional.” Since 2001, we’ve used storytelling to help candidates and organizations create real and lasting impressions.


We believe advertising is about creating an unique experience that engages, entertains, informs, and inspires people to act or change behavior. It’s about breaking down complex issues into humnistic stories to connect with the audience where they are intellectually and emotionally.


And it’s all about engineering that smart engagement model, which could include a TV advertisement, inspiring online content, or something that’s never been done or thought before.